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As part of the NHS we are measured against a range of targets which reflect what's important to patients. 

Whether it's waiting times in our A&E or recommending us to others in the Friends and Family test, all of these things can help you be confident that we are working hard to deliver the best possible care, in a timely and caring way.

Since we came into existence in October 2014 we are pleased with the progress we have made. We have:

  • reduced the number of complaints we receive about the care we provide by over a quarter
  • been one of the best performers in the area for achieving the maximum four hour wait in A&E
  • seen more people with suspected cancer more quickly to get an answer for them
  • seen more patients referred to us from their GP within the 18 week target
  • improved our Friends and Family test score to 93% of patients saying they would recommend us
  • increased the number of staff working here who would also recommend us to their family and friends both as a place to work and as a place to receive care.

You can find out more about some of the areas we are asked to report on below:

For any further enquires on the data, please contact Bethany Bal, head of quality and audit

Research and development

For any enquiries, please contact research and development:
Tel: 0300 613 2441

We are required by the Department of Health to publicise on a quarterly basis the information regarding:

  • Performance in initiating clinical research: the 70-day benchmark from the date of receipt of a valid research application to the date of the first patient recruited
  • Performance in delivering clinical research: the recruitment to time and target for commercial contract clinical trials

We now publish this information via the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) website. Frimley Health PID data.

Consultant performance

The NHS is committed to making more information available about how services and professionals are performing. The aim is to drive up the quality of care and to help people choose the treatment that suits them best.

This initiative is a central part of NHS England's ambition to ensure every patient gets high quality care, and to build improved services for the future.

On this page you'll find links to information about individual consultants in a number of clinical areas. You can look at their results for a range of operations and treatments to help you make decisions about your care.

Where can I find the data?

More information
NHS website - performance data

Every Voice Counts

Our people matter to us which is why we take part in the National Staff Survey each and every year. The Picker 2022 staff survey was open to staff for eight weeks from September to November 2021. In line with previous years, we aimed to launch the survey in a way which responded to and took account of operational pressures at the time. The questions in the NHS Staff Survey continue to be aligned to the NHS People Promise. This sets out, in the words of NHS staff, the things that would most improve their working experience, and is made up of seven elements.

Image showing seven 'hand drawn' style images with text, illustrating the 7 elements of the people promise: A heart Seven images in a hand-drawn style, with text, showing the 7 elements of the people promise: A heart:

More than 5000 staff completed their staff survey, giving us invaluable insight into how we can enhance our people’s experiences of working here at Frimley Health. Our top scores were in the areas of:

  • Appraisal helped me improve how I do my job
  • Appraisal helped me agree clear objectives for my work
  • If friend/relative needed treatment would be happy with standard of care provided by organisation
  • Appraisal left me feeling organisation values my work
  • Teams within the organisation work well together to achieve objectives

Work in support of our People will continue with investment being made in the areas of Well Being, Equality and Diversity and Leadership Development.  Action planning at a local level is also under way to ensure our people feel heard.

Read the benchmark report.

Nursing and midwifery safe staffing (inpatient bedded area)

NHSdigital safe staffing data: Planned vs Actual hours (including Care Hours Per Patient Day, CHPPD)

Definition of Planned and Actual hours data:

  • Planned Hours = Budgeted hours within a ward area (Registered or Unregistered Nursing)
  • Actual Hours = Worked Hours on a ward (Registered or Unregistered Nursing)

Note when reviewing the data:

  • Where there are monthly actual hours over/under planned, this has been known at the time of a shift and reviewed by a senior nurse with any mitigating actions put in place to always ensure patients are safe and cared for. We have a staffing escalation process in place cross site to ensure every nurse in charge of a shift can always escalate any staffing concerns. These will be reviewed at the time of a concern being raised, and actions taken to ensure patient safety.
  • Actual hours under planned for the month in any particular clinical area can be due to a planned decision to safely reduce staffing due to service needs. These service needs can be due under occupancy / demand of a service or through reduced patient acuity/dependency. Due to the national standards of reporting, this would still show as actual hours under planned.
  • Actual hours under planned on any particular area, does not mean there was unsafe staffing levels. Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust ensure at all times patients are safe and well cared for.

Care Hours per patient Day: Definition, what this is and the benefits to health providers can be found by viewing the following attachment.

For any further enquires on the data, please contact Neil Webb,

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