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We promote a family orientated environment and therefore welcome visitors, however we can only accommodate two visitors at the bedside at a time.

We request that visitors respect the following visiting hours:

Labour ward:
Husband, partner or a birth companion may attend the labour ward with you at any time. Other visitors are allowed by prior arrangement or in exceptional circumstances.

Maternity wards:
Partner or birth companion
Siblings of baby (any age) when accompanied by an adult.
Family, friends and accompanied children over 10yrs
All welcome 9am - 9pm

Post-operative recovery bay
This bay is for all women returning from surgery.  Visitors are limited to your partner, your children and your new baby’s grandparents only on the day of surgery (within the stated visiting hours).

There may be times when we will ask visitors to wait outside when you or your baby require clinical care and no more than two visitors per bed are permitted. We welcome your children and your partner’s children when accompanied by an adult. 

We ask that no other children under the age of ten years visit for reasons of infection control, safety and noise levels. 

It is especially requested that persons with coughs, colds, vomiting and diarrhoea in the last 48 hours or anyone who has been in contact directly or indirectly with an infectious disease should not visit the department owing to the risk of cross infection.

We respectfully request that, for reasons of infection control, flowers are not brought on to the maternity unit.