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GP training in HEE KSS is a three year programme with a combination of GP placements and appropriate hospital posts in the GP school, which is part of the Primary Care Department. The Primary Care Department is an integral part of HEE Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS).

Although the main role of the Primary Care Department is to support the recruitment and retention of doctors in general practice, it also has an active and vigorous part to play in many of the processes that support primary care, particularly those of continuing professional development. To that end it has established strong links with local primary care organisations, and educational providers across KSS.

The GP school is the biggest post-Foundation specialty School in KSS with around 266 individual GP training programmes taking place in 12 main GP specialty training programme areas in a wide variety of locations and environments. Programmes are based around an Acute NHS Trust, with placements in various local education providers including Psychiatry Trusts and GP training practices.

GP trainees will be employed by an Acute Trust linked to the GP training programme. This will be the single employer for GP trainees.

Trainees will be employed under the terms of the current Junior Doctors Contract.

Details on the HEE KSS Relocation policy can be found on the LPMDE website.