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The Allergy and Clinical Immunology Unit is a regional centre serving the population of Surrey, Berkshire and neighbouring areas. The unit functions as a network based across several NHS Trusts in the region, including the Royal Surrey, Frimley Health and Ashford & St Peters, and provides clinical services in several locations.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, outpatient clinic appointments are continuing as usual but the majority are being done virtually by phone or online. If testing or treatment is required in hospital, these are still proceeding as usual, but with additional precautions being taken due to the pandemic. Any tests or treatment that is required will be discussed with you by the clinical team before they are booked.

Adult allergy service

In this service, we see adults (from the age of 16 years) with suspected allergies, including foods, drugs, insect stings and / or airborne allergens (e.g. pollens causing hayfever, dust mite or animals). We also care for people with recurrent urticaria (also known as nettle rash or hives) and swellings.

We do not usually see people where the main problem is eczema, this is usually managed by the dermatology team and / or primary care teams.

We provide a full range of specialist allergy services including:
Drug allergy testing and challenges
Food allergy testing and challenges
Sublingual immunotherapy
Subcutaneous (injection) immunotherapy
Omalizumab therapy, and training for self-administration if required

General allergy clinics take place on all days of the week (Monday to Friday). More specialized allergy services, including injection immunotherapy / desensitisation, and drug and food allergy challenge testing are held at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford.