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The Allergy and Clinical Immunology Unit of BSPS (Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services) is a regional service for diagnosis and treatment of allergy and immunodeficiency, serving the population of Surrey, Berkshire and some of  Hampshire, Sussex, Buckinghamshire and further afield. 

Among the conditions we see are:

Allergic disease
Allergic rhinitis due to dust mite, pets or other allergies
Bee and wasp venom allergy
Drug allergy
Food allergy
Latex allergy

Urticaria (nettle rash or hives)
Angioedema (including hereditary angioedema and C1 inhibitor deficiency)

All forms of immunodeficiency or suspected immunodeficiency (severe, persistent, recurrent or unusual infections)

We provide a full range of specialist allergy services including drug and food allergy testing and challenges as well as sublingual and subcutaneous (injection) immunotherapy.

We also provide immunoglobulin replacement therapy as well as home therapy services for patients on immunoglobulin treatment and with hereditary angioedema.

The unit functions as a network based across several NHS Trusts in the region, including the Royal Surrey, Frimley Health and Ashford & St Peters, and provides clinical services in several locations. Outpatient clinics are currently provided at Frimley, Guildford, Aldershot and Bracknell (with clinics running all days of the week). More specialized allergy services, including injection immunotherapy / desensitisation (Monday and Thursday afternoon) and drug and food allergy challenge testing (all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning) are held at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

The department has a comprehensive laboratory service including allergy, autoimmunity and immunochemistry testing. The regional immunology laboratory is based at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey.

Information about the laboratory.