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Work experience at Frimley Health

If you are considering a career within the NHS, we offer a range of opportunities including work experience and career taster days.

Work experience

Work experience provides an opportunity to gain insight through observation into the many roles available within the NHS. It is open to people from our local communities from the age of 14 with no upper age limit.

At Frimley Health, we offer a hybrid approach to work experience and ask all interested applicants to complete our online work-related learning programme prior to arranging a face-to-face placement. These placements will last for a maximum of 5 days and take place across pre-arranged weeks throughout the year.

The work experience process flowchart

If you need help to read this flowchart please email the work experience team -

Age restrictions

You need to be a minimum of 14 years old to carry out any work experience at Frimley Health.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need parent / teacher consent.

14 years old + = administration and non-patient facing areas only
16 years old + = clinical areas with some restrictions
17 years old + = theatre teams
18 years old + = maternity teams

While every effort is made to place you within the Trust, this may not be possible due to operational reasons.

Contact details:

For any general work experience queries please email

Medical work experience:

This offering differs from the standard work experience programme as it is open to sixth form students who intend to go to Medical School.  A typical placement would involve shadowing doctors and their duties.

The Medical Work Experience Teams at Frimley Park Hospital and Wexham Park Hospital are currently not taking any new applications for Clinical Observational Placements, this is due to increased high demand for placements and Clinical Pressures within the Hospital. We are not yet sure when we will reopen applications and apologise for any inconvenience. (Updated May 2024)

Contact details:

6th Form Frimley Park medical work experience -
6th Form Wexham Park medical work experience - 

Testimonies from previous students:

“What I enjoyed the most were the parts that I had learnt an exercise about stretching my hamstring at the paediatrics team, observing physios help out people are amputated with their exercise strengthening their core muscles.  I do think it is perfect for me to see more about how does physiotherapy work.  It will definitely help me to narrow down the types of physiotherapy I want to become. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn more about physiotherapy. To the whole physiotherapy team and work experience.”
JL, placement with physiotherapy teams

“The SALT department were so friendly, and the cases were fascinating. It was really cool to interact and speak with dementia patients too.  The Work Experience Placement has confirmed my love for healthcare and passion for being part of the future of the NHS and using my career to help and to aid other people. It’s been humbling to work alongside such amazing people the last few days and the experience has been invaluable with helping me decide the direction of my future career.”
CH, placement with dementia and SALT teams

“My work experience of F7 was phenomenal. Every member of staff made me feel welcome and made sure I was comfortable. The consultants I worked with allowed me to carry out a range of different tasks by their sides, such as going on the morning ward round and observing complex procedures in the operating theatres. I would strongly advise any student considering a job in the healthcare profession to experience it for themselves – my placement only made me want the job more.”
SR, placement with F7 ward teams