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Plans that will transform health and care locally

Health and social care is being tranformed over the next five year for 750,000 people living in East Berkshire, North East Hampshire, Surrey Heath and Farnham.

New plans that pull together councils, the NHS and community partners will make services for health and care more accessible, closer to home and delivered in a more straightforward and way. The plans are also aimed at making care affordable in the face of an ageing population.

The Frimley Health and Care Sustainability and Transformation Partnership(STP) is one of 44 partnerships set up across the country to deliver the ‘Five Year Forward View' vision of better health, better patient care and improved efficiency. The plan sets out how this will be achieved locally and how services will evolve and become more sustainable.

This plan expands upon work already started in local communities to transform services for people by improving care and helping them to live longer healthier lives. People will have access to high quality consistent care as close to home as possible, with specialist services centralised where necessary.

The partnership focuses on four priorities:

  • Developing communities and social networks so that people have the skills, support and confidence to look after themselves.
  • Focusing on NHS staffing to ensure the workforce is ready to meet the demands of our communities.
  • Delivering consistent care for all aspects of a person’s life.
  • Using technology to help improve outcomes and increase efficiency.

Learn more about the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership for the Frimley Heath and Care community.

Local people will be invited to get involved in early 2017 and help shape the health and care services in their community.

Building better care at Frimley Health

At Frimley Health Foundation Trust we have more exciting plans to invest in services to support the STP. In creating Frimley Health in 2014 we not only wanted to drive up the quality of services to be consistent across the Trust, but also to improve the facilities from which they are delivered. This makes for a better experience for our patients, visitors and staff.

Emergency department

We have started work on a new £49m A&E, or emergency department, at Wexham Park. Using our experience of building a new ED at Frimley Park in 2012, we will have single rooms offering more privacy, and more space organised so that our team can work more effectively and efficiently. The new department will open in spring 2017.

Women’s and children’s department

We are improving facilities for maternity and women’s services by extending and refurbishing the current space with a £10m investment. New facilities, due for completion later in 2017, include en-suite rooms, a transitional care area where babies that need a little more support can stay with mum, extra birthing pools, and separate facilities for antenatal and gynaecology services.

Heatherwood Hospital

We understand how valued Heatherwoood Hospital is by the local community. Following extensive public consultation, we have submitted plans to include a residential development to make best use of the site to contribute to the £90m needed to build a new hospital that offers operating theatres, inpatient beds, day case surgery, diagnostics and outpatient services. This will secure hospital services at Heatherwood for future generations.

And it doesn’t stop there…

  • We have invested £1m at Wexham in a new catheter lab to support our 24/7 emergency heart attack service.
  • We are match funding what you have raised already through Frimley Health Charity to develop a new breast care unit at Frimley Park Hospital.
  • A new Endoscopy unit recently opened at Heatherwood Hospital.
  • We are spending millions of pounds in general improvements and maintenance across the Wexham site to create a better environment.
  • We are opening a new ward at Frimley Park Hospital to help us manage the increased demand we face over the winter period.