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The cardiac disease risk management (CDRM) programme includes the following:

  • Lifestyle risk factor management
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Diet
  • Smoking cessation
  • Psychosocial health
  • Cardioprotective therapies
  • Medical risk factor management
  • Long term management

The cardiac disease risk management team offers advice and information to patients during their admission. Following discharge, telephone contact is made within three working days to discuss recovery and arrange an appointment in the cardiac disease risk management clinic within the next two weeks. If you have been referred to us via another hospital, for example following cardiac surgery, we will contact you by telephone within the first two weeks of that discharge.

What to expect:

Clinic appointment
This is an hour long appointment with one of the team’s cardiac nurses and cardiac exercise professionals. It’s an opportunity for you to discuss your diagnosis and any symptoms or concerns you may have had since your discharge.

  • Assessment of your pulse, blood pressure, weight, height & waist will be done.
  • A review of your medications will be completed & recommendations made to your GP for any changes to these in line with current evidence and NICE guidelines.
  • Possible risk factors and lifestyle choices will be assessed and goals agreed to facilitate healthier decisions for the future, alongside achievement of evidence based targets for blood pressure and cholesterol management.
  • A physical assessment will be undertaken and may include a simple functional test.
  • Opportunity for individual dietetic appointments with the team’s dietician.
  • Assessment of psychological health. Opportunity for individual appointment with the team’s clinical psychologist.
  • A date for commencement of one of the eight week cardiac disease risk management programmes will be given.

Eight week programme:
At each session your blood pressure and pulse are checked pre and post exercise. 
Regular review of medication and risk factors will occur throughout the eight weeks.
The exercise component includes a 10 minute warm up followed by 20 minutes of cardiovascular circuit based exercise and then a 10 minute cool down. The cardiac exercise professional is able to design the exercise to meet any individual needs and will progress the level of exercise accordingly.
Following this a 10 minute relaxation session takes place.
The education element is attached to each programme once a week and is a rolling programme as follows:

• Understanding heart disease – cardiac nurse
• Reducing your risk for the future – cardiac nurse
• Skills for life – cardiac nurse
• Exercise and activity – cardiac exercise professional
• Exercise for the future – What next? – cardiac exercise professional
• Healthy eating for the heart – dietician
• Stress and lifestyle – clinical psychologist
• Medication – pharmacist

All programmes run for eight weeks with attendance twice a week.
One session each week lasts for approximately 1½ hours and the other for 2½ hours as it includes the education element.

CDRM programme talks and videos

Current venues:

Frimley Park Hospital locality
The Crossley Club, Lightwater
Monday PM
Wednesday PM

Aldershot Cricket Club
Tuesday PM
Thursday PM

Mytchett Community Centre
Wednesday PM

Wexham Park Hospital physio department
Tuesday PM
Thursday PM

Wexham Park Hospital locality
Irish Club, Slough
Monday PM
Wednesday PM

Scout Hut, Maidenhead Road
Tuesday PM
Thursday PM

For further information please contact: 

Frimley Park Hospital cardiac disease risk management service on 0300 613 6384

Wexham Park Hospital cardiac disease risk management service on 0300 615 4684