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Council of Governors Election 2018 - Results.

Results for elections held in the following constituencies:

Contested Elections:

Public: Hart and East Hampshire & Public: Surrey Heath and Runnymede

Uncontested Elections:

Public: Guildford, Waverly and Woking & Public: Rushmoor


Information about the role of Frimley Health Foundation Trust Governor

2018 governor election indicative timeline

Our Council of Governors is made up of local people who have the important job of holding the Trust’s board of directors to account. They represent the interests of patients, the local community and Trust members.

You can become a member of the Frimley Health Council of Governors by standing for election as either a Staff Governor if you are employed by the Trust, as a Public Governor if you are a member of the Trust, or as Stakeholder Governor if you have been appointed by one of the Trust’s partner organisations.

Members of staff automatically become members of the Trust upon employment. Members of the public considering standing as a Public Governor must become members of the Trust first in order to stand for election. Only members of the Trust may vote in any election to the Council of Governors.

The Frimley Health catchment area is divided into different geographic constituencies and depending on the size of the constituency there may be one or two Public Governors per constituency. Elections are held annually on a staggered basis meaning that not all of the seats become eligible for election at the same time. The term of office for a Governor is three years.

Elections are normally held during September and October and nominations for elections in the relevant constituencies are now open. The indicative elections timetable for 2018 is set out on the right.

2018 Notice of Election  

If you are considering standing for election you can contact 
Susanne Nelson-Wehrmeyer, Company Secretary
tel: 01276 526588
or Kevin Jacob, Assistant Company Secretary
tel: 01753 634824 for more information or to ask questions.

Background reference information on the role of Governor may be found in the following documents: 
Frimley Health – Role of the Council of Governors November 2017 
Monitor - Your duties: a brief guide for NHS foundation trust governors 
Monitor – Your statutory duties. A reference guide for NHS foundation trust governors 
Monitor – Director-governor interaction in NHS foundation trusts 
Frimley Health – Governors’ Code of Conduct 
Monitor – The NHS Foundation Trust Code of Governance