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2 May 2023 

Frimley Health is no longer mandating the universal use of masks in clinical areas for staff, patients and visitors. This is in response to a period of low prevalence of acute respiratory virus infections. 

Masks will still be available and accessible in every clinical ward and department for patients and visitors whose preference is to continue to wear masks, and also for use at times where they are advised for prevention and control of infection. 

Staff will continue to wear masks on a risk assessed basis- for example during certain procedures, and where there is a risk of microbial transmission in the care of immunosuppressed patients. 

Masking requirements may change at short notice due to future circumstances so please wear a mask when asked to by staff.  

Visiting on inpatient wards has now returned to pre pandemic visiting hours (9am-9pm).

Visiting COVID positive patients is still discouraged but if visitors want to visit, they will need to read and sign an information sheet before each visit.

Departmental visiting guidance

Before each mealtime, all wards ring a bell. This reminds our staff to help our patients get prepared to receive their meal.

Virtual visiting

Please continue to use our virtual visiting services to speak to your loved one by video call if you are unable to visit them in person. If you wish to arrange a virtual visit, please book an appointment by contacting the ward directly between 9am and 3pm. Our staff will be happy to help arrange a date and time for you. 

You can also contact someone in hospital by using our 'message to a loved one' service.

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