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What is Equality Delivery System 2?

The Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2) is a self reporting paper based audit tool, which will enable NHS trusts to comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty and promote equality for all in service delivery and employment.

How can EDS2 help the trust to promote equality?

EDS2 will help us to meet requirements of the Public Sector Equality Duty, from the Equality Act 2010:

  • Emphasises the importance of data collection as a key step in promoting equality
  • Has a set of national goals, linked to patient and staff pathways which have equality considerations built into them

What is different about EDS2 compared to previous equality initiatives in the NHS?

EDS2 has national goals, which for the first time detail for NHS trusts what they need to do to promote inclusion for patients and staff.

Our trust will need to assess progress against the following national goals:

  • Goal 1. Better health outcomes for all 
  • Goal 2. Improved patient access and experience 
  • Goal 3. A representative and supported workforce 
  • Goal 4. Inclusive leadership 

After assessing progress against each goal, the trust should then rate its progress by selecting a single grade (from the list below) which accurately reflects its overall progress:

Red: Undeveloped (People from all protected groups fare poorly compared with people overall OR evidence is not available)

Amber: Developing (People from only some protected groups fare as well as people overall)

Green: Achieving (People from most protected groups fare as well as people overall)

Purple: Excelling (People from all protected groups fare as well as people overall)

How can EDS2 help to shape equality activity?

EDS2 can enable our trust to:

  • Set equality objectives which link to the current and future needs of our communities, patients and staff
  • Utilise data to direct activity which promotes equal access to services and employment
  • Carry out meaningful engagement on issues which matter most to patients and staff
  • Celebrate success with our communities and staff