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We want to continue to provide state-of-the-art care to our patients at Frimley Health.

That’s why we launched a new electronic patient record system on 11 June. We call this transformation to our services Epic EPR (Electronic Patient Record).

Frimley Epic EPR logoEpic EPR is the biggest change we have ever undertaken. It instantly catapults us into one of the most digitally advanced trusts in the UK, revolutionising the way we deliver our care.

With Epic EPR we have a single electronic system that has replaced the 200-plus paper and computer systems we had previously. All the information about our patients is now in one secure place.

This is vital to improving our patient care and will play a key role in delivering the six strategic ambitions in our Trust strategy.

Why are we doing this?

By doing this transformation, we are guaranteeing an increase in patient safety and an all-round better and more convenient patient experience.

Our new one database holds one record for every patient, helping us understand and plan for better care and provide excellent services.

Epic EPR removes the risks and struggles of our staff using multiple systems, ensuring our care for patients is as efficient and effective as it can be.

How will this benefit our staff and patients?

Epic EPR has transformed the way we care for our patients and changed the way all our staff work. By bringing together our multiple systems we provide a single hospital service wherever our patients are treated across the Trust. When our patients stay or visit, they notice an all-round better experience, and they won’t be needing to repeat the same information to different members of staff.

Our teams have created some fantastic short videos to highlight how our EPR is transforming how we deliver care – watch on the Benefits for patients page.

Introducing MyFrimleyHealth Record

My Frimley Health Record logo

Part of our Epic EPR is the launch of MyFrimleyHealth Record – a new platform that provides our patients with personalised and secure online access to their medical records at Frimley Health.

With MyFrimleyHealth Record we are enabling our patients to play a much more active role in their healthcare.

What can our patients do within the app?

  • View health information in one place: see medications, test results, book appointments, and more all in one place.
  • Connect with their clinical care team: send a message, talk face-to-face over video, or arrange to follow up in person, depending on the level of care they need.

And that’s just a few of the advantages. 
MyFrimleyHealth Record provides patients with the resources to manage their care so they can access our services either at home or on the go.

Understanding how to sign-up 
It’s free to use and can be accessed on the app store (available to download on iOS and Android devices) or via the MyFrimleyHealth Record website, using this link:

You can read through the FAQ guide to get you started.

Please note: this is a new app, so inevitably you may experience some glitches when you get your account up and running. Please bear with us if this happens.

If you do experience an issue, or if you have a question, you can contact our new MyFrimleyHealth Record helpdesk: