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Frimley Health Values Logo

We want to provide the best possible state-of-the-art care to our patients at Frimley Health.

Frimley Epic EPR logoOur dedicated team of healthcare professionals have the best possible knowledge and experience to provide the care you need, but we know that excellent healthcare today and in the future depends on high quality digital solutions.

That is why it is a core ambition of our strategy to ‘advance our digital capabilities’ – and is why the Trust is undertaking a huge digital transformation, led by the implementation of our Electronic Patient Record (EPR) which will go live on the 26 March 2022.

Our journey so far

Our Epic EPR is an ambitious programme to transform care for our patients and staff across all Frimley Health hospitals and sites.

Having all the information we need about our patients in one easily accessible place is an important part of our transformation plans. We are getting one electronic system to replace the 200-plus legacy systems we have in the Trust at the moment. This one database will hold one record for every patient, helping us understand and plan for better care and provide excellent services for our patients.

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What Epic EPR means for patients

By implementing Epic EPR, we are guaranteeing an increase in patient safety and an all-round better and more convenient patient experience.

Our staff will be able to spend more time caring for our patients as they will have faster access to information through one patient records.

We will also be empowering our patients to manage their own healthcare through the MyChart mobile app, where they will be able to access their own medical data as well as interact with and contribute to it.

This is a real opportunity for us to transform the way we care for our patients, changing the way all our staff will work. Epic provides us with much more efficient and effective ways of sharing vital patient information to help us all make the right choices for care and embed our One Frimley approach.