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Video clinics

We are now offering some of our outpatient appointments via video consultation. Your clinician will tell you whether this option is suitable for you.

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We recognise that it isn't always easy or convenient to come to hospital for an appointment, and that some people need to attend several times as part of their care.

In appropriate instances, a video consultation from your home or workplace may work better for you. Feedback shows that many patients prefer it.

Video consultations, using Attend Anywhere, are offered when we can achieve as much during an online appointment as we would face to face, or when the risk to patients is far higher by attending in person, such as at present with Covid-19.

If you have a face-to-face consultation booked but believe you would benefit from a video appointment instead, please speak to your clinicians.

There are many reasons why one may not be appropriate, such as if you need to undergo a procedure or a physical examination.

How to use Attend Anywhere

If you are taking part in a video consultation for the first time, the following short film explains how they work.

Attend Anywhere is a secure web-based platform for patients with pre-arranged video consultation appointments. You can use the platform on any personal computer (PC), Mac or iPhone/iPad/Android device, using the Google Chrome internet browser (for PC/Mac/Android) or the Safari browser (for iPhone/iPad/Mac). It will not work using Internet Explorer.

Instructions for attending your video appointment 

Testing your equipment

Before your appointment, please test your equipment by clicking on the 'Test call' button below.

test call button
Only patients who have been invited to attend a video appointment will be seen in this way. Otherwise, please follow the appointment information provided to you.

Enter the virtual hospital waiting room

You should enter the clinic a few minutes before your appointment is due to start by using the ‘Start video call’ button below. Once connected, please select the clinic code displayed on your outpatient letter. You will then move into a virtual waiting room. The next person you should see will be your clinician who will undertake your consultation in a secure, personal video call.

Ensure you complete all details including your date of birth and phone number. We can call you if there are any difficulties. We will not store the details you submit, and any details will be transferred securely.

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Once the consultation is complete, you will be directed to an online survey. We would appreciate any feedback