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The chaplaincy at Frimley Health offers compassionate care and pastoral support to all patients and their families and to all staff.

This support is available whatever your religious beliefs, and to those who follow no religious faith.

We recognise that coming into hospital can be a difficult time for you and your family and friends. Our role is to just 'be there' for you, offering a non-judgemental and confidential listening ear and a safe place to chat or share concerns, explore questions or reflect on decisions.

Key chaplaincy contacts:
Frimley Park Hospital - 0300 613 4184    
Wexham Park Hospital - 0300 615 3660

Spiritual needs

We recognise that all people have spiritual needs even if they do not follow a particular religion or faith. These include emotions, relationships, fears, hopes, identity and purpose. Spiritual needs can relate to a specific faith, religion or culture, they can be unique to an individual’s experiences, values and beliefs.

Spiritual care

We recognise the value of spiritual care, and are part of the all-round care for each patient, their visitors, and for everyone working in hospital. We are experienced and trained to offer non-judgmental support, whatever a person’s faith, perspective or lifestyle. Some want to talk through some of the pressures and problems they are facing, others need a companion for this part of their journey and value us being alongside them for a while. 

Frimley Park Hospital

The chapel

The chapel at Frimley Park Hospital is on the ground floor, off Yellow Street, facing the emergency department corridor. It is open 24 hours a The chapelday as a place of prayer, and quiet reflection for everyone.

The mortuary chapel of rest/viewing room is separate from the main chapel and multi-faith room and is located on the ground floor adjacent to the mortuary off Red Street.

In most wards copies of the New Testament & Psalms are provided by the Gideons International and may be available in your bedside locker. Please let the staff or a chaplain know if you would like a copy.

Sunday services

Holy communion/prayer services are held at 9am each Sunday in the chapel. Services are usually conducted by a chaplain. They are quite informal and last no more than 20 minutes. People wanting ministry from within their own denomination or tradition can make contact with the appropriate chaplain or the chaplaincy team who will liaise on their behalf.

On Sunday mornings we visit the wards and offer each patient the opportunity for personal prayer and Holy Communion.

Multi-faith room

The multi-faith room is accessible from the chapel vestibule off Yellow Street. It is open 24 hours a day and provides a quiet space for prayer or somewhere just to sit quietly. Copies of sacred books for some major faiths are available. There are individual prayer mats and a carpet is kept rolled up for Muslims who wish to pray. A folder is provided for anyone to record their comments on the use of the room or to record their prayers.

Tuesday: Ecumenical Christian Service in the Chapel, 1.15-1:45pm 
Friday: Muslim Jumah Prayer in the Chapel, +/- 1-1:30pm 
Sunday: Ecumenical Christian Service or Anglican Eucharist, 9.00am 

Roman Catholic Services are held across the road at the parish church of Our Lady Queen of Heaven 


Wexham Park Hospital


The chapel is always open for staff, patients, relatives and friends to use (except during the Christian Service and Muslim Prayer). People of different faiths use the chapel as a place of prayer and devotion (with appropriate resources available); it is also used by people who do not profess any religious faith as a place of quiet and reflection. There are separate weekly service for Christians and Muslims.

At Wexham Park, the chapel is on the main corridor just behind the hospital’s main entrance reception 

Tuesday: Christian service in Wexham Park chapel, 1-1:30pm
Thursday: Catholic communion in Wexham Park chapel, 1-1:30pm
Friday: Muslim Jum'uah prayer in Wexham Park chapel, 1-1:30pm


Heatherwood Hospital

The Prayer and Reflection Room is found on the right-hand side of the first-floor corridor which leads to radiology. It is open to people of all faiths and beliefs and is a quiet space for personal prayer, meditation and reflection.

Support from a chaplain is available on request. Please either call the Wexham Park chaplains on 0300 615 3660, or email the team at