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Frimley Health Values Logo

Our values convey the qualities staff feel best described Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. They underpin everything we do now and will do in the future, and set out what is expected from each and every member of the team in the way they treat patients, visitors and colleagues.

Our values are summarised as Committed to Excellence, Working Together and Facing the Future

  • We are committed to excellence in everything we do, striving to be one of the best acute trusts in the country
  • We are working together as one team dedicated to meeting patients’ needs
  • We are facing the future, continuously improving our performance and adapting services to meet demand

Each value has a set of expected behaviours linked to it which highlight what the trust expects of its staff. Here are a few examples of these behaviours:

Committed to Excellence

We expect our colleagues to:

  • make safety a priority for themselves and others
  • go the extra mile
  • strive to achieve their goals to the highest possible quality standard

Working Together

We expect that our colleagues:

  • are friendly, welcoming, courteous and caring
  • act fairly and compassionately
  • are open, honest and candid with others

Facing the Future

We expect our colleagues to:

  • challenge poor performance in others and expect to be challenged if their own performance is poor
  • change things for the better
  • engage with others to improve how things are done

Our core values are displayed on posters and banners throughout our hospitals. They are actively promoted among staff and embedded in the organisation through leadership briefings, appraisal structures and training programmes, recruitment policies and procedures. They show what we expect of ourselves, and importantly, what our patients and anyone who comes into contact with Frimley Park, Wexham Park and Heatherwood can expect of us.