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Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust (FHFT) is very excited to invite all our staff, partners, patients and the public to participate in shaping the future of our trust through a new trust strategy, which will take us through the next seven years.

Your ideas and insights will play a crucial role in developing our new strategy, which will ensure we remain committed to delivering exceptional healthcare now and into the future.

Why now?

Our current strategy, "Our Future FHFT," ambitions and plans for the period 2020-2025 would have required a rework from March 2024, but the world is a fundamentally different place from 2019 when we wrote it.

We have achieved many of the ambitions and delivered the core content of our strategy, we opened our new Heatherwood Hospital and implemented the new electronic patient records system during the pandemic.

The world and our operating context has changed a lot. The global pandemic has affected how people work and access NHS services, resulting in long waiting lists. The NHS is also facing a shortage of staff and ongoing industrial action.

Additionally, there is an increased cost of living and high demand for healthcare services. We also have our new hospital programme. Considering these challenges and opportunities, we have decided to start developing our next strategy now.

How you can help

Ultimately, our objective is to create a shared understanding and commitment to our strategy, fostering a sense of ownership and participation among everyone.

Our strategy will provide a framework for adapting to changes while delivering high-quality care and a refreshed shared vision will steer us in the development of our strategy and its implementation. It will encompass the aspirations of the trust, our staff, partners, governors, and the communities we serve.

We need to update our current vision to reflect our changing view of the future, which will support our strategy development work.

Ways to get involved

A critical element to developing this strategy is ensuring the people who both deliver and benefit from it have their say and share their views on what they want for Frimley Health over the coming years.

We will involve patients, colleagues, communities, and other stakeholders in creating a new vision and strategy, describing how we will work together to meet the evolving needs of the population we serve.

If you have 5 minutes to spare, please tell us what you think about the direction we should take, below.