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When you complete your treatment or are discharged from a service, you’ll often be invited to complete the Friends and Family Test (FFT). This is part of a national scheme to gauge how we are performing to help us improve patient care or to give staff positive feedback on doing their job well.

Will my feedback be confidential?

Yes. Great care has been taken to ensure that you can give honest feedback about your experience. You will be given a very simple questionnaire to complete which is anonymous and returned using the friends and family response boxes located on every ward and around the Trust. Alternatively you can complete the questionnaire online.

What do we do with your comments?

Feedback from our patients is extremely important to us. Comments given as part of the Friends and Family Test are reviewed by our ward staff and Patient Experience Group to identify areas for improvement and to highlight areas of good practice and patient experience. Changes made as a result of patient feedback will be published as part of the Quality Performance Report.

For more information on the Friends and Family Test visit the NHS website.