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When you come into hospital we want you to feel safe, and to know that we continue to work hard to keep you safe.

Please take a look at our patient safety leaflet for 10 top tips on how you can help to make your stay with us as safe as possible

Making your stay safe leaflet

Patient safety video 

An overview of the Sign Up To Safety campaign and our worksteams.

Sign up to safety reports 2017-18
Quarter 3
Quarter 2
Quarter 1
Sign up to safety reports 2016-17
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We are working with our staff, patients and the public and our partners to discuss what improvements we can make here at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust to make you all feel even safer.

We are following five national pledges

  • Put safety first
  • Keep learning
  • Be open and honest
  • Work together for improvement
  • Support our staff to make changes

We have also chosen three areas where we believe we can improve even more

Patient consent:

We are looking closely at our processes and literature to ensure you receive full and appropriate information in a manner which is easy to understand so you feel confident and fully informed when giving consent for care and treatment.

Clinical handovers:

We are reviewing how we ‘hand over’ our patients’ care, whether it be from consultant to consultant, nurse to nurse or hospital to another care setting, to make sure that your onward care is not delayed or compromised. And to ensure you are fully supported with a clear understanding of what to expect and the ability to raise any concerns.

Management of the perineum during childbirth:

Our maternity teams want to improve the care of women who experience perineal tears during childbirth and where possible to reduce the number of times perineal damage occurs.

In all of the above, the views and experiences of our patients are vital to helping us provide even safer, high quality care.

If you would like further information please email us at