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Undergraduate placements at Frimley Park Hospital

Clinical Teaching Fellows

At Frimley Park Hospital we have two clinical teaching fellows, whose main role is to help teach and support medical students while on placement.

Our clinical teaching fellows are Theo Criswell and Lisa-Jayne Edwards.

Clinical Fellow’s timetable:

Theo Criswell - Monday (teaching time set aside), Tuesday and Friday
Lisa-Jayne Edwards - Tuesday, Thursday (teaching time set aside) and Friday.

Theo Criswell’s clinical placement is paediatrics and Lisa-Jayne Edwards is palliative care.

At Frimley Park Hospital we provide placements for year four and five medical students from the University of Southampton Medical School.

Our aims

We take pride in the part we have to play in developing and encouraging students to be great doctors and physician associates by:

• To provide the students with the tools to have confidence and interpersonal skills amongst their peers.

• Offer a comprehensive and cohesive support system to the students including a buddy system by junior doctors to the students to have a first point of contact and provide them with support and mentorship where required. This will give them the opportunity to develop in a working environment.

• Encourage the students to communicate with the PGEC to provide an open pathway of communication regarding domestic and administrative factors.

• Develop on their knowledge they have already acquired by providing an excellent teaching programme including simulation sessions, bedside teaching, microbiology and radiology teaching which will enable them to consider their future career pathways.