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Study leave for Frimley Health medical staff

Foundation Year 1:

  • Study leave for Foundation Year 1 doctors (maximum 15 days) will take the form of regular scheduled teaching/training session as agreed locally. FY1 doctors can use up to 5 days of study leave for tasters to inform future career decision making.

Foundation Year 2:

  • Maximum 30 days to be spread equally over the placements.
  • Study leave while in general practice adheres to the same process as when working in acute trust.
  • Study leave will include periods of regular teaching/training sessions to be delivered locally.
  • FDs may also, with approval from the foundation programme training director and service manager, access specific courses within the geography of LASE.
  • Study leave may include s period of sitting or preparing for an exam where it is a requirement of the curriculum.

Core (CTs) and specialty trainees (STs) :

  • Entitlement up to a maximum of 30 days study leave per year to include regional training days and exam study leave.

Trust doctors and clinical fellows:

  • Study leave entitlement up to a maximum of 18 days (10 days study leave, 5 days private study and 3 days for interviews/exams.

Consultants and SAS doctors:

  • Entitlement up to a maximum of 10 days per year.

Private study leave

This will only be granted for a defined purpose such as examination preparation (if the examination in question is necessary for career progression), writing up research and writing review papers etc.  

  • Trainees may apply for 5 days of private study leave (from the 30-day entitlement) in any 12-month period.
  • Private study leave requests may be considered leading up to an examination that is necessary for career progression but this will only be considered prior to the first occasion that the trainee sits this examination.

Study leave process

  • Applications are made on our new online system via-
  • Applications must be submitted for every episode of study leave – whether requesting time and funding, time only or funding only.
  • Once online application is completed, the application is automatically sent through to your education supervisor.
  • Unauthorised forms will be returned consequently delaying the application process.
  • Authorised applications (all) must be received in the PGMC office six weeks prior to dates of study leave request.
  • Retrospective applications will not be considered.
  • The study leave officer will email a confirmation letter to your Trust email address. Personal emails will not be used.
  • Expenses claims: To be submitted through Employee Online, no later than three months after the course, with original receipts and a copy of the certificate of attendance uploaded.
  • Payment will be made through Payroll (payments will be made in the following month’s pay-run).
  • No overseas expenses will be approved.
  • Exam fees and membership fees are not covered by study funds.

For any additional information or queries please contact: