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Simulation Scenarios

Our bank of approved scenarios; all use the same standardised template and are freely available for you to use and adapt, as long as you credit us and do not use them for commercial gain.

Expanding the number of scenarios is an on-going project for us, and soon we will be adding scenarios for care assistants and for anaesthetists. Beyond that, we plan to add scenarios for nurses and for the following specialities: paeds, O&G, and maternity. 

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Health Education England: Kent, Surrey and Sussex in assisting the start of this project in 2017-18.

A blank copy of our scenario template, along with a guide as to how to complete it, can be found in our Forms section.

Oxford Deanery Scenarios

The scenarios below were created over a decade ago as an Health Education England - Thames Valley commissioned project, on the template that was in use at the time. Please note that due to their age, we cannot offer responsibility for accuracy; you must ensure for yourself that any you use remain accurate and align with current practice.