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Have an idea for a new TEL Project?

Whether its e-learning or a new app, let us know what you want to create and we will see if we can assist you in your project.

Please fill in the following form to let us know:

TEL project proposal form

Have an existing piece of TEL?

Have you already created an app? Or found one that you think the Trust would find very helpful?

Please fill in the form and we can see if the app can receive the TEL stamp of approval:

TEL approval form

Sharing elearning with another Trust?

Have you created a piece of elearning and giving another Trust your source materials, but want to make sure they use it appropriately and that you are credited etc? Or are you re-authoring elearning another Trust created?

Get both Trusts to complete this Word document to make sure you're all covered and everyone knows where they stand:

Sharing License Agreement form

Borrowing /  re-authoring  elearning from us at Frimley Health?

Complete this interactive PDF instead:

FHFT Sharing Agreement form