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Work Experience at Frimley Park Hospital

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust Work Experience Portal.

If you are considering a career as a Doctor, a Nurse or an Allied Health Professional, please feel free to contact us to find out what work experience opportunities are available here in our Trust.

You will need to have completed your GCSEs and be at least 16 years old to apply.

Please send us your brief CV and a covering latter stating why you wish to apply for work experience at Frimley Health, your available dates and whether there is a preferred area of healthcare you wish to look into.

Our successful applicants will typically spend 5 days with us here at the Trust shadowing one of our clinical teams. There will be ample opportunity to talk to both patients and to our healthcare professionals.

You may wish to read the testimonials of other young men and women who have completed their work experience week with us.

Good luck with your application!

Testimonies from previous students:

I spent a week doing work experience at Frimley Park Hospital last June/July after my GCSE exams. It was a very enriching week: I attended consultant clinics, accompanied teams on their ward rounds, spent time in A&E, shadowed a consultant, and spent time with the general surgery team. I was even able to watch a variety of operations in theatre. I have been interested in studying medicine for some years and working at Frimley Park brought the prospect of actually becoming a doctor to life for me. I would recommend the experience to anyone who is considering medicine as a career.’

ND, Royal Grammar School, Guildford

‘Whilst medical work experience is encouraged and is becoming evermore important in application to medical schools, it can quickly be forgotten about how valuable the time you spend there is and the vast quantities of information you learn which just cannot be taught in a classroom. Not just this, but the enjoyment and satisfaction that you will feel is quite incomparable to, in my opinion, the standard 'spend a week in an office'. Spending some time doing work experience with the vascular surgery unit at Frimley Park Hospital was exhilarating, packed with fantastic opportunities to fully indulge into the life of the hospital and the amazing work that the staff do there. I highly recommend FPH for work experience as it will be a memorable time to look back upon with you having learnt so much from it!’

HW, Collingwood College

‘My work experience of F7 was phenomenal. Every member of staff made me feel welcome and made sure I was comfortable. The consultants I worked with (Mr Keith Jones and Mr Patrick Chong) allowed me to carry out a range of different tasks by their sides, such as going on the morning ward round and observing complex procedures in the operating theatres. I would strongly advise any student considering a job in the healthcare profession to experience it for themselves – my placement only made me want the job more.’

SR, Farnborough Sixth Form College

‘I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been given a week of work experience at FHFT, which was both a great opportunity and eye opening experience. Not only did it reaffirm to me that I wanted to pursue medicine in university, but it was also a chance to watch and shadow some truly amazing and often underappreciated group of people whose sole job is to help others. My most vivid memory was watching three surgeons working together to stop the bleeding from a AAA rupture at 8:30 in the evening, a time when those in most other professions would be heading home to their families. The calm professional demeanor and selflessness exuded by them will always be an inspiration to me, exemplifying the qualities shared by all those who work in the health sector. Many thanks, you guys are awesome.’

LH, St Paul’s School