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Development plans (*UNDER CONSTRUCTION*)

At times during the student placement and learning they will need some support due to an area of skill, knowledge or ability that is not fully formed or below were expected. This is a normal stage of experiential development and if manged well might not cause any issues with onward progression.

This video explores why students fail based on a medical student:

This video discusses why students fail:

Once an area has been identified the Educator will create a development plan working with the student. The plan should be built around SMART goals.

The following videos discuss how to create a develop plan:

An explanation of how to create SMART objectives:

Student support models

The following pages offer templates to be used by the supervisor to set up support process for their students:

The video below discusses how to design a development plan:

Honest videos about individuals' experiences of failure:

Supporting a failing student

Free courses in mentor and coaching development from the Open University