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Noah Evans chats to Frimley Health's Janet King, watched by dad Chris, mum Tasha and brother EliFrimley Health Deputy Chief Executive Janet King visited Scrubs Glorious Scrubs in Ascot on 23 June to receive a first batch of rainbow scrubs from 11-year-old Noah Evans, the son of Virgin Radio DJ Chris Evans.

Noah spent 28 days camping out in a homemade den his back garden to raise money for Scrubs Glorious Scrubs. This, coupled with his dad encouraging famous friends to auction personal items, means the family have sent over £1.3 million to the charity!

This money been used to buy over 100,000 metres of Noah’s rainbow fabric, which was designed especially for him by Tessa Semple, former head of design for Liberty London.

Noah didn’t always have an easy time sleeping in his den. He cuddled up with five hot water bottles at one point, and one morning woke to find he’d had a rather unwelcome visitor in the night – a tick that had attached itself just under his eye!

Despite all this Noah said he enjoyed the experience and has even spent a few more nights in his den since the challenge finished.

Noah was accompanied by dad Chris, mum Tasha and younger brother Eli when he came to present the scrubs to Frimley Health. He took the time to talk everyone through his nights outside and thanked all the scrub hubs across the country that had turned the fabric into scrubs.

He said: “It’s all these little things that have made this go to infinity and beyond!”

Noah’s rainbow scrubs will be going to Frimley Park, Wexham Park and Heatherwood hospitals where they will be worn by our frontline staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.