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31 March 2022

Ecologists at HeatherwoodA stunning network of informal pathways have been created around the new Heatherwood building for patients, staff and local residents to enjoy.  

The 2.4km pathways are part of the SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace) which aims to safeguard nature while allowing biodiversity to flourish in the woodland surrounding the hospital. 

The pathways will not only provide a lovely outdoor space for staff in the warmer weather, they also helps to take the pressure off local heathland habitats and preserve them for the future.  

The woodland is managed by ecologists and they have been hard at work cutting back on the invasive rhododendron species to make room for around 1,500 trees and understory plants. 

The newly spruced-up space now includes native species, such as oak, hazel, hornbeam and guelder-rose. This, together with creating new habitat features such as dead-wood and brash piles, encourages wildlife to thrive; from birds and bats to invertebrates, amphibians and small mammals. 

With wellbeing of patients and staff at the heart of the Heatherwood design, the pathways will be an ideal place to take a wander, relax and rejuvenate amongst nature. 

Frimley Health Green Plan 2022-25

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