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Please support our plans for a future Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot

Write to local planners today!

At Frimley Health we are committed to creating a future for excellent hospital services in Ascot for generations to come. Heatherwood Hospital has been in Ascot for nearly 100 years. But its buildings are too old to repair and expensive to run. Soon they will become unsafe.

We have a vision to rebuild Heatherwood Hospital so our superb staff can carry on providing an even higher standard of care to the community for future generations. To fund this £90m project we need to build the new hospital in woodland and sell off the land that has already been built on for housing.

The problem

You may already know that we have been working with local planners and our community to get the plans right. Perhaps you attended one of our public meetings and have seen how we modified our plans in response to public comments.

Planners from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead are due to make a decision on our plans later in August and they are asking anyone who wants to comment on them to send their submissions as soon as possible.

One of their concerns is the number of car parking spaces we propose to build. However we do not think that the plans will be viable if we have to reduce the number of spaces significantly.

If our plans are rejected we would need to find alternative locations for the services we currently provide here. This is unlikely to be in Ascot and we would still need to sell off most of the land for housing.


Read more about our plans for Heatherwood Hospital here.