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Technology Enhanced Learning, the English Riviera and a werewolf!

‘TEL Friday’ is an annual event broadcast live on YouTube by South West Technology Enhanced Learning Forum from the Horizon Centre at Torbay Hospital. On 9 June the team was joined by colleagues from Thames Valley and Wessex, and Health Education England.

Interviews included Donald Clarke on Wildfire artificial intelligence-supported e-learning; Dr Amit Mishra who expanded on his work with Google Glass and Nick Peres demonstrated the truly fascinating possibilities Virtual Reality has for supporting patients and staff. In addition, advice for searching educational guidance on the internet was shared, an update on the national TEL scene and a short piece on the national digital literacy programme.

New for this year was the e-Learning challenge which ran throughout the broadcast. The team (see photo) was handed a topic at the start of the broadcast and tasked to plan, create and publish an e-learning module by the time we’d finished. 

The learning module created live on TEL Friday was by Paul Wilder, Andy Kerslake and Jaz Bance 

The TEL Friday Team

And the Werewolf? Watch TEL Friday in 60 seconds and see if you spot him! Did the team enjoy it? You bet! They will be back next summer for an even better TEL Friday. Meanwhile, if any of our colleagues elsewhere in England are interested in trying this format we’d be very happy to advise – or perhaps you’d like to join us next year?

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