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Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is available for all unregistered new/existing members of staff. Staff will have a 3 day care induction programme with 4 additional catch up sessions which will support the individual through competencies and the care certificate work book. The work book consists of 15 standards which are set by skills for health as a result of the Cavendish Report.


  • Understanding your role
  • Your personal development
  • Duty of care
  • Equality and diversity
  • Working in a person centred way
  • Communication
  • Privacy and Dignity
  • Fluids & Nutrition
  • Awareness of Mental health, dementia and learning disability
  • Safeguarding adults
  • Safeguarding children
  • Basic life support
  • Health and Safety
  • Handling information
  • Infection prevention control

Topics in Bold are covered in Trust Induction; the candidate will not be required to complete these sections.

Support will be given within the clinical environments by members of the clinical education team. Additional support can be found on the Skills for Health website such as “The Code of Conduction for Health Care Assistants” and presentations based on the different sections for the Care Certificate.

Jessica Sumner – Frimley Lead –

Lucy Brooks – Wexham Lead –