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Hospital 2.0 is the name for the government’s national approach to delivering new hospitals, including Frimley Park Hospital.

It’s a standardised design which will benefit patients and staff through digital solutions and an optimised hospital layout.

What does this all mean?

Standard designs

A standard design will be used across all the new hospitals, including the design of wards and operating theatres. Reducing the variation in building designs improves efficiency and supports better care, as it helps colleagues work seamlessly across the whole site. This will particularly help teams like pharmacy, therapies teams and doctors who deliver care across different wards and departments.

Ambition to achieve a carbon zero NHS

The new hospitals will have a focus on sustainability as part of the NHS ambition to reach net zero carbon footprint (the emissions directly controlled by the NHS) by 2040. The hospitals will also help the NHS target for ‘Carbon Footprint Plus’ (the emissions that the NHS can influence) to reach net zero by 2045.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

With MMC buildings, the majority of the build takes place off-site in factory-controlled conditions, before being transported to the hospital site. This speeds up the construction phase, and has other benefits such as greater predictability, quality, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and safety.

Digital transformation

Embracing future technologies to ensure the systems and tools are in place to provide care in the most efficient environments. The new hospital will create the conditions in which digital services such as medical equipment, patient records and handheld technologies can be optimised, as well as using smart building management systems to manage lighting, temperature, and air quality for the benefit of both patients and staff.

For more information, visit the National New Hospital Programme website.

New Hospital Programme - Announcement Day video

Lord Markham visited Frimley Park on the day of the announcement.