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We operate two intensive care units – one at Frimley Park Hospital and one at Wexham Park Hospital. Both provide patients and their families with the highest level of care in an atmosphere of kindness, dignity and respect.

Our coordinated approach to care ensures that every aspect of treatment is carefully planned within a comfortable and safe environment.

Patients are admitted to ICU from the emergency department, theatres, wards or other departments in the hospital and sometimes from other hospitals.

Short films: Intensive care explained

A series of animations explain more about the care provided in our intensive care units. They are available in five languages.

Watch the animations

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Please note all visiting is currently suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. Full details can be found on our visiting page.

Visiting a patient in our intensive care services can be stressful for family and friends – the patient is most often unaware of what is happening around them.

However, some people feel better if able to participate in their relative's care. Some examples include the following, but please consult with the nurse looking after the patient first.

  • massaging the patient's hands and feet
  • reading to the patient a favourite book or newspaper
  • chatting about daily events or other family members at home
  • helping the nurse with simple tasks such as washing, shaving and mouth care
  • it can be relaxing to bring some music or audio books they enjoy.

We think that hearing is one of the first senses to recover after sedation or a period of unconsciousness. This is why doctors and nurses explain to patients, even when they are unconscious, what they are about to do. Some people find it comforting to talk to the patient but do not be afraid or embarrassed. No one knows whether a loved one can hear you or not at a particular time, but it can help you to retain a connection to them.

Our visiting times at Wexham Park are 9am and 9pm. Ward rounds are at 8am and again at 2pm, and visiting is restricted at these times to protect patient privacy and confidentiality. 

Our visiting times at Frimley Park are 9am to 9pm

We ask that only two people visit a patient at one time please and that visiting is restricted to next of kin, partners, family and close friends. 

Critical care outreach

Both sites also have a critical care outreach team within the intensive care team. They provide early, skilled assistance to wards or departments caring for patients who deteriorate, attempting to prevent further deterioration and, when appropriate, arrange for them to be admitted to the intensive care unit. To assist in continuity in patient care, the outreach teams also review all discharges from the unit on to general wards.

Follow up care

A period of critical illness can have a significant effect on patients – it can sometimes take up to a year to fully recover. We understand this and can offer support to our patients. We offer counselling or follow-up care – the clinical team will talk to patients or write to them once they are home about the options available to them.