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Have you borrowed crutches or other walking aids from Frimley Park Hospital that you no longer need? Are they in good working order?

If the answer to both questions is yes, you could potentially help the hospital save thousands of pounds by returning them.

Frimley Park issues thousands of metal crutches, walking frames and sticks every year to support patients recovering from treatment. But many are never returned.

Lauren Chapman, physiotherapy manager at Frimley Park Hospital, said: “We know that the swift return of crutches and other walking aids is often not your highest priority as you recover from illness or injury.

“Indeed, many end up being forgotten as they are stored in cupboards, lofts or garages.

“However, these aids are always needed by other patients and we have to pay to replace each crutch, stick or walking frame that is not returned.”

Each walking aid will have a label with details about how to return it.

Those that do come back to the hospital are thoroughly checked, and those suitable for reuse are then cleaned and returned to stock.

You can leave your NHS walking aids at collection points at the physiotherapy departments at Frimley Park and Ascot’s Heatherwood Hospital between now and 6 March 2017.

They can be dropped off at any time of the day or night.

At Frimley, drivers should follow signs for the drop-off zone outside the physiotherapy department. At Heatherwood, head to car park B.

Anyone with any queries should call 01276 604444.