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National Apprenticeship Week 2022

Champion MukungaChampion Mukunga
Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship

Why did you choose this specific apprenticeship?
The apprenticeship is a natural progression pathway for my job role.

Was there any decision between the apprenticeship route and any other, e.g university etc?
Yes, and the apprenticeship route offered more benefits than any other such as:
- the convenience of working full time and learning
- pragmatic link between theory and practice
- Help from curriculum specialists and colleagues
- No financial obligation

What has been your proudest achievement on your apprenticeship to date?
Coordinating and leading monthly team meetings for Senior Switchboard Operators. This has enhanced communication among staff and generated ideas for service improvement.

How do you see your apprenticeship helping you to build your career for the future?
I believe it is a solid foundation for my development and growth. On successful completion, I would like to add more responsibilities to my current role or progress to a more challenging one. Beyond that I am eyeing a degree apprenticeship.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship?
Don’t delay! Contact Learning and Development for information about course options. You can also get advice from former and current apprentices. You will be happy that this is probably the best decision you have made regarding your career.