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Wednesday 14 February

Forget heart-fluttering moments of romance; we're diving into the real deal – new research on acute coronary syndrome (ACS) at Frimley Health! Both Emergency Departments have been at the forefront of a study aiming to improve how we diagnose and treat patients with chest pain.

ACS covers a spectrum of conditions related to sudden, decreased blood flow to the heart, including heart attacks and angina. With chest pain affecting 20-40% of us during our lives, and Emergency Departments seeing a surge in visits for this reason, our research is on the pulse of ensuring life-threatening conditions are identified and treated with lightning speed.

“We’re evaluating strategies used in Emergency Departments nationwide to investigate cardiac chest pain,” said Sarah Wilson, emergency medical consultant and associate professor (pictured).

“Different hospitals use different approaches, so our involvement in this national research is the heartbeat of finding the quickest and most efficient strategy for our patients.”

The results of the ACS:ED study, conducted over seven days at Frimley Park Hospital and Wexham Park Hospital, are set to be published this year. This collaborative effort will unveil new insights into investigating chest pain, improving the speed and efficiency of Emergency Department (ED) treatments.

Sarah Wilson applauded the stellar support from the Research & Innovation team and the dedication of the ED teams, exceeding the recruitment targets by including 341 patients across both EDs. "This study was only possible because of their unwavering support. At Frimley Health, we're always on the lookout for the next project to not only offer our patients the chance to be research pioneers but also to enhance future healthcare."

Curious minds eager to learn more about Frimley Health's research and how to jump into the action can visit Research & Innovation | NHS Frimley Health Foundation Trust (