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We are proud to offer high quality maternity services at Frimley Health. Expectant mothers come to us from across Hampshire, Surrey, East Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire and we deliver around 9,500 babies each year. Care is provided by Frimley Park Hospital, Wexham Park Hospital and within the community setting.

We want you to feel confident in choosing one of our hospitals to offer you the right maternity care and your ideal birthing experience in a sensitive and friendly environment. We look forward to supporting you and your baby during this exciting time; throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and after your child’s arrival into the world.

At Frimley Health we offer maternity services to promote a positive birth experience for all of our families. We offer women midwifery-led care, shared care (between your GP / midwife) or consultant-led care.

If you would like to have your baby with us please complete the online pregnancy notification form for the hospital you would like to attend. We encourage you to do this as early as possible. You do not need to see your GP first. 

Upgraded maternity departments

In recent years we have significantly improved facilities in our two maternity departments at Frimley Park and Wexham Park hospitals. We are delighted that following the multi-million pound upgrades we can now offer full en suite facilities on all labour rooms, more birth pools, better antenatal facilities and transitional care units for new babies who need a bit of extra support from mums.

We are especially proud of our midwife-led birth centres - the Juniper at Wexham Park and the Mulberry at Frimley Park - which offer a home-from-home environment for lower risk births.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy you should contact your midwife for a booking appointment as soon as possible. Your midwife will provide you with the information you need to make informed choices about your pregnancy and birth.

For more information on antenatal care, please visit the NHS website antenatal care.

More information:

As long as you and your baby are well it is advisable to stay at home for as long as you feel able; as you will relax more easily in your home environment. 

If you think you're in labour, please telephone Labour Ward Triage (Frimley Park) 01276 604527 or (Wexham Park) 01753 634520 and you will be able to speak to our midwifery team, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If your waters have broken, or your contractions are regular and strong, the midwife may advise you to come to the hospital for an assessment and you will be seen as soon as possible after your arrival.

Following assessment by a midwife, your individual care will be planned as appropriate and you may be asked to go back home. 

A birth partner is able to stay with you throughout your labour and birth. Following birth, if all is well you may return home within a few hours.  Your ongoing care will be provided by the community midwife.

Find out about our birth centres.

You and your newborn baby will be cared for by us on the postnatal ward. Our postnatal team are there to support in the early postnatal period and will monitor the health of you and your baby. They will provide support for your chosen method of feeding.

In order to keep your bed area as uncluttered as possible please only bring essential requirements. Car seats and outdoor clothes are not needed until the day you go home.

Responsive feeding - from Unicef
Off to the best start - from the Department of Health
Caring for your baby at night leaflet - from Unicef