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Hepatology is part of the gastroenterology department at Frimley Park Hospital. You may be referred to our service if there are concerns regarding a liver or biliary problem.

We have close links with both King’s College Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital so that patients can be followed up closer to home, particularly following liver transplantation. We also work closely with our hepatobiliary and oncology colleagues at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.
Liver clinics currently run across four sites: Frimley Park Hospital, Aldershot Centre for Health, Farnham Hospital, Fleet Community Hospital and Brants Bridge, Bracknell.
We have several national and international clinical trials available to our patients and you may be offered an opportunity to take part.

We provide a comprehensive hepatology service, seeing patients with:
Alcohol related liver disease
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Autoimmune liver diseases (autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cholangitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis)
Metabolic and inherited liver diseases
Haemochromatosis and investigation of raised ferritin levels
Cirrhosis and it’s complications
Abnormal liver blood tests
Non-cirrhotic portal hypertension
Benign liver tumours
Hepatocellular cancer
Liver transplant patients
Patients with end-stage liver disease not suitable for transplantation

Outpatient services:

We offer both face-to-face and telephone clinics, which run on most days of the week. These include consultant clinics, hepatology specialist nurse-led clinics and Fibroscan clinics.

Inpatient care:

Patients admitted to Frimley Park Hospital, either electively or as an emergency, are usually cared for on ward F9, which provides specialist care for patients with liver and GI disease. We provide a seven day GI / hepatology consultant-led service.

Note the ERCP / EUS service (to investigate and treat biliary tree problems) is provided by our upper GI surgery colleagues.