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Our dermatology teams care for patients with a wide range of skin diseases. 

The dermatology department at  Frimley Park Hospital provides a broad range of services for patients with acute and chronic skin conditions.

Clinics are located at Frimley Park Hospital, Aldershot Centre for Health, Farnham and Fleet hospitals and within the community.

The department runs a variety of specialist clinics for the following:

  • General dermatology
  • Rapid access skin cancer
  • Paediatrics
  • Contact dermatitis (patch testing)
  • Severe psoriasis
  • Vulval conditions

At Wexham Park Hospital we offer:

  • General dermatology clinics

  • Dermatology clinics for children

  • Nurse-led disease monitoring clinics

  • Patient support/help line This service available for patient undergoing treatment for their condition. The nurses can be contacted by phone for help and advice every day (except weekends).

In addition we also offer the following services at King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor:

  • Pigmented lesion clinic. A weekly 2 week wait skin cancer clinic is also run in parallel with the plastic surgeons.

  • Dermatology minor surgery: There are designated minor surgery clinics and there are also facilities for a “see and treat” service within most of the general clinics.

  • Vulval clinic

  • Phototherapy

  • Iontophoresis.