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Our adult audiology services at Wexham Park are provided by Berkshire Healthcare. Information about the services they can provide are found on their website. 0300 365 6222

The audiology department at Frimley Park delivers a comprehensive adult diagnostic and rehabilitative service.

As well as general audiology service, the department also delivers specialist services including bone anchored hearing aids.

The audiology department is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and sees patients referred from GPs and the ear, nose and throat department.

Covid-19 - changes to services

At present the Audiology service are able to run a smaller amount of face to face clinics at Frimley, Fleet, Aldershot and Farnham. The way we are conducting appointments has changed slightly and we may contact you for a telephone consultation and you may get the option of receiving your new hearing aids by post, along with supporting information to help you with this.

Batteries and repairs

Please do not come into the hospital to collect batteries or enquire about an appointment. In order to reduce transmission of Covid-19 and ensure the safety of our patients, visitors and staff, visiting at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust remains controlled.

Coming into the Audiology Department

Only patients with booked appointments will be allowed to come into the department. You will be sent detailed instructions and information about what will happen when you come for your appointment. Please ensure that you have read this and follow the instructions as written.

These include:
• Wearing a face covering for the duration of your time in the department.
• Cleaning your hands on entry to the department.
• Only attending appointments if you are well and not self-isolating.