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Visiting suspended from Sunday 20 December

Regrettably we have taken the difficult decision to suspend all general visiting to our hospitals.

It is not a decision we have made lightly but our priority is the safety of all our patients and staff. 
Arrangements for maternity services, children, carers of vulnerable patients and patients at the end of life remain as before.

Virtual visiting and other arrangements

Emergency Department visiting

If you need to visit one of our Emergency Departments and are age 18 or older you will need to come alone to keep the number of people in our waiting areas at a safe level. If a patient is under 18 they can be accompanied by one guardian. There will be some exceptions but these decisions will be made by the triage nurse at the entrance. Their decision will be based on a number of factors, such as the condition of the patient.
Where possible please ring 111 before attending one of our EDs. NHS 111 has been provided with extra resources this winter and will be able to best direct you to get the medical treatment you require.

Virtual visiting

Wherever possible, please continue to use our virtual visiting services and speak to your loved one by video call. Should you wish to arrange a virtual visit, please book an appointment by contacting the ward directly between 9am and 3pm. Our staff will be happy to help arrange a date and time for you. The ward contact telephone numbers are listed below.

You can also contact someone in hospital by using our 'message to a loved one' service.

Patient belongings

Patients will be provided with basic essentials while they are with us. We cannot accept responsibility for property that is lost during this busy and challenging time. We ask that you do not travel to our site as essential travel only is a national requirement. This is to keep our staff, patients and you safe.
If you do however have to drop some things off at our pals office we ask that you do this only once during the patient's admission.
We cannot accommodate regular deliveries to any one patient due to restrictions on movement on our sites. Please see below for what you can and cannot bring in for a patient:

Frimley Park Hospital

Ward name

Contact number


01276 526364


01276 604925


01252 649434


01276 604120


01252 649575


01276 526913


01276 604245


01276 604235


01252 649341


01276 604898

Wexham Park Hospital

Ward name

Contact number

Ward 1

0300 615 3010

Ward 2

0300 615 3130

Ward 3

0300 615 3142

Ward 4

0300 615 3062

Ward 5

0300 615 3101

Ward 6

0300 615 3123

Ward 7 (not frailty)

0300 615 3034

Ward 8 (not frailty)

0300 615 4486

Ward 9

0300 615 3326

Ward 10

0300 615 4440

Ward 11

0300 615 4631

Ward 16

0300 615 3161

Ward 17

0300 615 3343

Acute Frailty Unit

0300 615 2406

Christiansen Ward

0300 615 5024


0300 615 2782


0300 615 2867


0300 615 2064

Parkside Ward

0300 615 4895

Eden Ward

0300 615 3151

Farnham Hospital: 07880 420308

  • There may be some exceptions to the visiting process - for example, if you are visiting a relative who has dementia, patients receiving end of life care, patients who require a guardian or carer or parents accompanying a child. Where appropriate, these will be discussed with you on an individual basis by our healthcare teams. All visitors to our hospitals must wear a face covering

Information for ward visitors