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We understand that patients and visitors coming into our hospitals worry about infections. At Frimley Health we do everything we can to keep your hospitals clean and safe, but you can help us too.

Patients and visitors have a vital role to play in helping to support hospital staff to prevent infection.  Keeping hands clean at all times while visiting or staying in hospital is the simplest way to help win the battle.

We ask all visitors to please stay away from the hospitals if you have been unwell in the previous 48 hours, particularly if you have had diarrhoea, vomiting or flu-like symptoms. This is to avoid spreading germs to others.

We ask all patients and visitors to wash or gel their hands before eating meals, and to wash hands after using the commode or toilet facilities.

While we understand that visitors want to be close to their family or friend who is unwell, we are sure that you wouldn't want to put them at risk of infection, so we ask all visitors to sit on the chairs in the wards, rather than on the beds. 

Please challenge us on our hygiene

Our staff should be making cleanliness and hygiene their top priority at all times so please do challenge them and ask them if they washed their hands before attending to you.

If you have any questions about hygiene issues during your stay in hospital, please contact the nurse in charge of the ward, or contact the infection control team directly:

Frimley Park Hospital infection control team – 01276 526440

Wexham Park and Heatherwood hospitals infection control team – 01753 633641

Download MRSA guidelines