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Today . . . tomorrow

Heatherwood Hospital is successful at what it does. It has a ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission – the regulator for health services. The feedback we get from staff and patients is also positive.

However, it is increasingly difficult to deliver modern, high quality healthcare services that are affordable from buildings that were designed for a different purpose, many decades ago.

We want to keep the elements that work – a supportive community, committed and enthusiastic staff and high quality services – and move them to a new facility on the same site that will help us secure the hospital’s future for years to come. To deliver this we need to make some choices about the site.

Heatherwood’s role as a planned care centre and its location between our two acute hospitals will benefit patients by:

  • Bringing more work back to the site 24/7 offering an exciting environment for staff and a choice of where patients can receive their care
  • Protecting our planned work which can sometimes be affected on other sites by the demands of our emergency work
  • Easing pressure on extremely busy sites at Wexham and Frimley
  • Providing potential for a primary care hub which will offer GP and other specialist care delivered outside of a hospital setting


The services currently provided . . . and included in the new proposal. 

We will not be reintroducing services previously offered at the site such as maternity and minor injuries as these are already provided at other locations such as Wexham Park, Frimley Park and Bracknell.




Six theatres

Retain six operating theatres offering general surgery, plastic surgery and trauma and orthopaedics for example

34 in-patient beds

40 beds and a new eight-bed private patient space.  50% of our beds will be single rooms with en-suite facilities and the rest will be in four-bed bays. 

24 day case spaces and endoscopy facilities

22 day case spaces and endoscopy facilities

Outpatients and diagnostics

Green tick iconincluding antenatal, paediatrics and physiotherapy in addition to surgical clinics.  Clinics will also run into the evening offering patients more choice.

Procedure/treatment rooms

Green tick icon

Space for GP practice

Green tick iconSpace for a primary care hub


New services

More one stop clinics including a breast clinic and urology clinic.

Next day service  for lithotripsy – a non-surgical procedure to break up kidney or gallstones

Enhanced cardiology diagnostics such as complex CTs

Private patients facilities