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Our vision

We want offer a brand new planned care centre that offers a better environment for our patients and staff.  It will also support a clear role for Heatherwood Hospital providing protected space for planned care.

This plan:

  • requires a £90m investment
  • locates the new buildings in woodland to make the scheme affordable and to offer the best environment for visitors to the site
  • secures work for the local community

It also:

  • protects important parts of the site including the Bronze Age bell barrow
  • releases land for sale and development for housing to fund some of the development
  • offers public access to the surrounding woodland which will be managed to support wildlife

What this means for you:

  • Continuity - If you currently use Heatherwood Hospital you may choose to continue
  • More options - If you currently use either Wexham Park or Frimley Park hospitals you may have a choice to use Heatherwood Hospital in future
  • Wider choice - We will be able to offer new services at Heatherwood as we will have a larger population to serve
  • Nicer place to be - You will have a better experience in brand new facilities
  • Positive impact on other sites - Patients who choose to use Frimley Park Hospital will have a better experience as this will reduce the pressure on the FPH site.
  • Different choice - For those who use private healthcare services you will be able to access these at Heatherwood for the first time – knowing that the funds we raise from this will be invested in local NHS services.
  • Community – A range of housing options in a key location, local employment at the hospital secured and  more access to open space surrounding the hospital 

You will have the opportunity to share your views on this development when more detailed plans are published.

When might things start to happen?

Following planning permission in August 2017:

  • Building work will start autumn 2018
  • Frimley Health support staff move to converted offices (former mental health building) autumn 2018
  • Hospital completed early 2021 
  • Services switch from old Heatherwood to new
  • Rest of site released for housing development

heatherwood artists impression from woodland