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Diet in pregnancy

Antenatal screening

Antenatal vaccinations

Birth preferences

Our birthing environment

Preparing your hospital bag

Signs of labour

First stages of labour

Second and third stages of labour

Pain relief options during labour

Home births

Newborn baby screening

Postnatal care

Baby care

Feeding your baby

Baby's first check up

Induction of labour

Assisted birth/instrumental delivery

Caesarean section (CS)

Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)

Unicef UK baby friendly initiative

Female genital mutilation

Gestational diabetes

Wexham Park maternity unit tour - with thanks to Sophie Marchant, Angelica Vasilchenko, Charlotte King & Jessica Dardi

Project funded by Health Education England

Antenatal screening

Signs of labour

Pain relief during labour

Maternity diet

First stage of labour

2nd and 3rd stages

Infant feeding

Everyday baby care

Postnatal screening


Post natal screening programme with Punjabi translation