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F9 ward which is located on the first floor. This is a ward that is dedicated to the provision of expert inpatient gastroenterology care. We look after patients with inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease and with nutrition problems.

Meet the team

Matron- Vera Wakatama 
Ward Manager- Romanie Westwood

Rebecca Mutlow 
Kelly Everett 
Benedict Castillejos 
Maxi Jose 
Bernadette Huxtable
Soraia Cardoso

Visiting times

Monday- Sunday 9am to 9pm


What are the direct numbers for the ward? 
01252 649341
01252 649342

Who can I speak to in order to get a update about my relative?
Each bay is assigned a nurse who is looking after the patient directly who you can speak to. We also have a nurse in charge everyday who can help you with any questions. The nurse in charge can be identified by the red nurse in charge badge they will be wearing.

How can I make an appointment to see / speak to the consultant?
If you would like to speak with the consultant looking after your relative on the ward then please let the nurse who is looking after them and they will arrange a time. This will likely to be on another day.

When are the consultants on the ward?
All patients on the ward are seen daily by the team of doctors. The consultants conduct ward rounds at least three times a week.