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Your care will be provided by a team of expert doctors, nurses and other health professionals who specialise in caring for patients with cancer.  

The MDT discuss and manage your care and plan the treatment that is best for you. They will also contact our partner hospitals if necessary. They will keep you informed about, and involved in treatment choices and decisions about your care. 

Partner organisations spread sheet                                                              

The MDT may include:

  • A physician who specialises in diagnosing your type of cancer
  • A  specialist nurse (Clinical Nurse Specialist or CNS).This person is usually your key worker
  • Oncologists – doctors who specialise in chemotherapy(medical oncologist ) or radiotherapy(clinical oncologist)
  • A surgeon who specialises in your type of cancer
  • A radiologist who specialises in x-rays and other types of scan to help diagnosing cancer
  • A pathologist who studies body tissues to help with diagnosing cancer
  • A palliative care doctor who specialises in managing cancer symptoms

Each team has a MDT co-ordinator: this is an administrator who may call you to invite you for a scan, test or investigation. They work closely with the MDT and other organisations to make sure that they have all the information and results to be able to review and make decisions about your case.