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Hospital patient Allan Mansi and wife Paulette have donated a special massage chair to the Eden Day Unit at Wexham Park.

Couple donate massage chairThe couple wanted to show their appreciation and to thank complementary therapist Wendy Dines and her team for the wonderfully caring and therapeutic service they provide.

Allan, who is 62, has terminal lymphatic cancer and is a frequent visitor to the unit to receive chemotherapy. He said: “This isn’t my first battle with cancer and I’ve undergone a range of surgical procedures and treatments in the past but they were only ever clinical. 

“Wendy and her team provide something very different but equally as important in supporting my wellbeing – complementary therapy.  I used to feel very uptight and jittery, and couldn’t sleep or relax leading up to and after a session of chemotherapy. Now, when I need to come in for treatment, knowing I am also going to see Wendy or one of her colleagues makes all the difference, and receiving reiki while having my chemotherapy has relieved all of these symptoms.  It really is very powerful and effective.”

Led by Wendy, the complementary therapy service for adult patients with cancer has been available on the Eden ward for three years.

“I can’t thank Allan and Paulette enough for this super massage chair. It will be an invaluable asset to the service and of great benefit to many of our patients,” said Wendy.

“We provide a range of complementary therapies including aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and reiki – which is what Allan finds so beneficial.  After receiving therapy patients often comment that many of the side effects they experience with cancer and its treatment, such as anxiety, fatigue and pain are relieved.

“Allan is one of a kind. As well as fundraising for us he has fundraised and donated to a number of other charities, which is an indication of his determination to help others where he can and his positive attitude to live every day the best he can. We can’t thank him and his wife Paulette enough.”