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Thank you to everyone who stepped up last Friday, and over the weekend, to keep services running as normally as possible during the water issues that affected Wexham Park Hospital.  

A burst water main and resulting complications meant that the hospital water supply was interrupted from around 6am until 6pm with some minor issues over the weekend.  As soon as we were aware of the problem, we immediately put in place a continuity plan, to keep us working as close to normal as possible. 

The water pipe itself is maintained by Thames Water, who worked with our teams behind the scenes to get an emergency supply on site as quickly as possible. Their hard work was greatly appreciated.

Due to the efforts of staff across the site, and support of Thames Water, Sainsbury’s and others, the impact to services was minimised.  From early morning on Friday, throughout the disruption, we worked to ensure that staff were aware of the latest developments and able to put into practice those actions necessary to keep our patients, visitors and staff as safe and comfortable as possible. 

Amongst other tasks, staff worked hard to monitor water supplies, distribute bottled water to wards, ensure that water was available for patients and staff to flush toilets and clean hands, and put signage up in key locations to keep people informed. It was a great example of the teams coming together to manage a challenging situation and ensure that a high quality of patient care was maintained.

Again, thank you to everyone who contributed to managing the situation, and to our patients and visitors for your understanding and for working with us on Friday and throughout the weekend.