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10 September 2020

Our four VIP Award winnersOur recent VIP Awards saw a record number of nominations with 44 people put forward for their outstanding service to the Trust.

After careful deliberation by our board of directors, four winners were selected and presented with their awards during the board meeting on Friday 4 September.

They were: Tara Donohoe, senior sister in Frimley Park's coronary care unit (CCU); Vicky Gentry, an infection prevention nurse consultant based at Frimley; Clint Stimson, a volunteer on ward F9 at Frimley Park; and Kayla Van-Heerden, senior community occupational therapist at Fleet Hospital.

The four deserving staff members, pictured above,had all demonstrated exceptional dedication to our shared Trust vales: Committed to Excellence, Working Together and Facing the Future.

We were overwhelmed by the number of heart-warming stories of staff going above and beyond their day to day duties. So this month we have taken the unprecedented step of publishing all 44 nominations. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone nominated by either colleagues or patients.


The nominees

1. Tara Donohoe, senior sister, coronary care unit, FPH *WINNER*
Tara has been praised by staff in her team for “leading the CCU team with dedication and expertise” during Covid. Patients received the high level of care they are used to, despite having a mixed workforce of regular and redeployed staff. ”She treated all staff with a great deal of kindness and support, while working many extra hours herself.”

2. Kayla Van-Heerden, senior community OT, Fleet Hospital *WINNER*
Despite shielding during Covid, Kayla remained a highly active member of the community team by embracing remote working, new technology and a new electronic patient record - all from home. Nominated by a colleague, Layla’s determination, innovation and initiative led to a new role of a virtual clinical specialist being developed, which will now be maintained by the Trust.

3. Clint Stimson, ward volunteer, F9, FPH *WINNER*
Colleagues on F9 feel very fortunate to have Clint as a volunteer. “He is a real asset to the team and has gone above and beyond throughout the pandemic. At a time when he could have chosen to step away from his role, Clint was more determined than ever to do his bit to help. He participated in IPC (infection prevention control) training, increased his visits to twice a week and offered to do more. Clint provides a real morale boost to both patients and staff alike, his enthusiasm is infectious. He is always cheerful and pleased to be here."

4. Vicky Gentry, infection prevention nurse consultant, FPH *WINNER*
Vicky plays a critical role as lead for infection control. She worked tirelessly, seven days a week to support colleagues during rapid change. Her calm, clear advice was a constant reassurance for colleagues and patients over a worrying period.

5. Dr Raj Sinnathuray, consultant paediatrician, WPH
Nominated by a colleague for having an exceptionally positive attitude and stepping in to help a parent when their usual consultant was on leave. “Such a helpful doctor and an all-round great team player that resulted in a very happy parent. And happy secretary!”.

6. The discharge team based in IRIS, WPH
A colleague nomination for the care coordinators in the discharge team who successfully worked to reduce the number of medically stable patients awaiting discharge from over 100 at the beginning of March to fewer than 25 within two weeks. “The team has shown remarkable professionalism in working with external stakeholders who were not always open to discussion regarding discharge destination.”

7. Jeece, delivers breakfast and lunch on F1 children’s ward, FPH
A parent of a child who was on the ward for a week nominated Jeece, saying he is “bright, optimistic, kind and helpful”. Jeece delivers breakfast and lunch on the children’s ward and always tries to encourage the children to go for the healthy option even though he is regularly turned down! “He is a lovely person and a true hero amongst the many at Frimley Park Hospital.”

8. Zoe Jones, consultant obstetrician, FPH
9. Joanne Teare, anaesthetist, FPH
10. Katie Pitkin, midwife, FPH
Three outstanding staff from the maternity unit were all nominated by the same patient after being impressed with the level of care she received during the birth of her third child. “Zoe did an amazing job with my C-section. They really took their time and did a very thorough, careful job. Joanna was calm, patient, reassuring and chatty during a tricky epidural, I was emotional and she helped during surgery by talking to me - an amazing asset to the team. Katie actually resuscitated my baby at birth. No words can express my thanks for what she did. She was a fantastic midwife on the ward too.”

11. The microbiology team, WPH
The whole team has been nominated by a colleague for their exceptional service during Covid, managing up to 200 samples a day with no additional staff resource. “Despite the huge jump and the extra administrative burden, the target turnaround times were still achieved. It is truly commendable how the service was carried out and is an excellent example of working together."

12. Sindy Gill, lung cancer clinical nurse specialist, WPH
Sindy’s colleague described how she had gone above and beyond during the height of the pandemic, working many extra shifts at weekends with Covid-19 patients despite her very busy and stressful full-time job as a lung cancer nurse specialist. “She went out of her way to support her colleagues and patients in this difficult time, despite the risk to herself and her family.”

13. Nicola Monk, voluntary services deputy manager, volunteer services, WPH
Nominated by a colleague and appreciated by so many other staff at Wexham, Nicola managed tonnes of donated items that came into the hospital during covid. “Nicola was a star throughout the entire covid period – constantly delivering parcels and food and generally making staff feel looked after. She is a real asset to the Trust.”

14. Dinesh Selvan, consultant anaesthetist, WPH
Dinesh was nominated by one of his peers for his calm, logical and inspirational demeanour during the height of Covid. “Of all the colleagues I dealt with during the surge planning, Dinesh stood head and shoulder above the rest. My admiration for him as a colleague and a person could not be higher.”

15. Dr Bethan Graf, acute medicine consultant and clinical lead for acute medicine and ambulatory care, WPH
“Dr Graf has been instrumental in raising the standard of patient care within acute medicine. This was particularly noticeable during the pandemic.” According to the proud colleague who nominated her: “She made herself personally available at all hours to answer any query, no matter how big or small. This made junior doctors feel valued and supported, and enhanced the feeling of team working during such a difficult time.”

16. Katherine Gilroy, staff nurse, intensive care, FPH
Katherine was nominated by a student nurse who she mentored during her second year of nursing. “I felt like I learned so much from her, she arranged for me to do everything I could in intensive care and I now would like to work in as she was such an inspiration. Katherine really cares about her patients and shows compassion for not only them, but all other staff members too.” 

17. Rasha Mukhtar, consultant, diabetes and endocrinology
One of Rasha’s patients, who was diagnosed as a type one diabetic 17 years ago, nominated her for an award, saying she makes her feel really valued as a patient. “After she became my consultant three years ago, I finally felt understood. She arranged for me to be on a pump, which dramatically changed my life. She is now guiding me through my first pregnancy which is something I didn’t think I’d ever achieve. I wish all type one diabetics had a consultant like Dr M!”.  

18. Sangita Gurung, junior sister and advanced practitioner trainee in AECU, FPH
During Covid, Sangita Gurung was redeployed to work in the emergency department where, according to the colleague who nominated her, she “took on challenges she was not familiar with, with no complaints only hard work and dedication to her job”.  The colleague highlighted Sangita’s excellence in clinical skills and resilience and said: “She is well recognised by her patients and her colleagues and no matter how stressful the situation is she remains calm, focused and pro-active.”

19. Molly, midwife, FPH
A patient nominated Molly for an award in the Committed to Excellence category after feeling supported by her during a particularly challenging labour. “It was a very painful labour yet I was made to feel peaceful and calm by Molly. She barely left me and sat talking with me all night. She helped make my second experience of labour so memorable.”

20. Claire James, lead chemotherapy nurse, FPH
During Covid, Claire playing a key role in relocating the FPH and WPH chemotherapy day services to Windsor. She was nominated by a colleague who said: “She was instrumental in helping to shield a huge number of cancer patients from Covid. She is still leading this service and has done an amazing job for Frimley Health.”

21. Elizabeth Musarurwa, matron for practice development, theatres, WPH
Lizzie has been nominated by a colleague who felt she truly demonstrated the Trust value of Working Together, having managed the training and development of staff deployed to ITU. “Lizzie stepped in to support the theatre matron on a shared rota so that there was always clear leadership visibility on site. She is a shining example of cross-site working, ensuring that training and development are consistent and aligned across the three sites.”

22. Anne Marie Lawson, senior matron, day surgery and pre-op, FPH
Anne Marie has shown exceptional leadership, according to the colleague who nominated her, ensuring the safe deployment of staff to other areas to provide clinical support. “Anne Marie is an inspirational leader and has clearly demonstrated her commitment to excellence in the way she worked tirelessly to set up the green pathways. Her commitment is unfailing and she makes a difference every day.”

23. Kevin Harvey, theatre manager, WPH
“Not long into the post, Kevin faced the Covid challenges with such professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication. He has been so engaged, working closely with ITU to ensure theatres were able to support the staffing models and then, post-peak, to set up the green pathway.” Kevin was nominated by a colleague for being Committed to Excellence.

24. Lorna Byrne, matron, Heatherwood/WPH
Lorna collaborated all pre-op services on to one site at Heatherwood and managed the redeployment and repatriation of staff. She also set up and rolled out virtual clinics, creating a totally different way of working and redesign of the service. Lorna was nominated by a colleague who said: “She was brilliantly focused on the green pathway, ensuring all patients were pre-op assessed in a timely manner and could move forward with their surgery.”

25. Colin Brady, theatre manager, Heatherwood
During Covid, Colin was redeployed from his normal role in Heatherwood to work as matron in theatres at FPH. His colleague said he had shown “exceptional leadership skills in supporting/developing the deployment of staff. He was also pivotal in repatriating staff back to Heatherwood, setting up the green pathways in theatres in an efficient and effective manner.”

26. Sharon Monger, senior matron, theatres, FPH
Stepping up to become the acting head of nursing for theatres which continued through the Covid pandemic, Sharon’s colleague said she had “ensured all our patients in theatres had the best possible experience whilst supporting the challenges of deploying staff to ITU and other areas. Post-Covid, Sharon led the theatre teams in setting up the green pathways, developing highly effective systems of working.”

27. Pushpa Kowlessur, night site manager, FPH
Having worked for the NHS for 40 years, Pushpa is a key member of staff who ensures the hospital consistently runs smoothly and efficiently during the night. Nominated by a proud family member who said: “Her work ethic is second to none. She takes great pride in making sure the hospital, wards and staff provide excellent quality care during the night and always with a friendly smile.”

28. Tim Peppel, consultant anaesthetist, FPH
Tim’s colleague thinks he is a “true role model who always focuses on quality care improvement. He is remarkable, despite being a very senior member of the team, he has immense energy and drive. We think he is one of the best in the business”.

29. Dr Kunal Khanna, consultant interventional radiologist, WPH
Dr Khanna was nominated by a colleague for the work he did setting up and running the WPH vascular access team. The colleague said: “It was a huge undertaking, involving setting up a team from multiple specialties, running simulation workshops, redeploying admin staff, setting up a control room and a 24/7 rota to support ICU, A&E and the wards. He was a constant presence in the hospital, supporting consultants and juniors - an inspirational doctor, educator and colleague."

30. Emma Bushnell and Rosie Reading, paediatric asthma nurses, WPH
Emma and Rosie were nominated by a patient’s family member who said: “We feel so privileged to benefit from both of their care after a few admissions. I can’t express how grateful we are for their knowledgeable, efficient, proactive, kind, fun, accessible, caring, clear and always responsive support. Thank you.”

31. Karen O’Horo, sister, outpatients, WPH
Karen has demonstrated incredible commitment and flexibility, managing the non-Covid minor injuries unit that was set up in outpatients with just 24 hours' notice. This was akin to setting up a field hospital, and Karen was diligent in ensuring that gold standard practice was implemented in infection control and prevention and the conduct or minor operations. Her flexibility and resilience are exceptional.

32. Danielle Perkins, head of midwifery, FPH
Danielle was nominated by a colleague who really appreciated the level of support she received during Covid. “At such a confusing and overwhelming time, we really needed leadership - Daniele reinforced her position by leading from the front. She gave us a feeling of direction and trust, and communicated well so we knew we were all in this together. I felt proud to work by her side and be led by her.”

33. Fiona Wyles, ANP asthma/respiratory, WPH
A patient nomination for going above and beyond: “Fiona has been my asthma nurse for eight months now. On my third admission during Covid, she came to my assistance and helped me when I was upset, confused and felt unsupported. She spent time with me long after her shift ended.”

34. Suzy Armstrong, surgical matron, FPH
Suzy was nominated by a colleague on behalf of all the senior sisters in surgery having been redeployed to ICU during Covid. “She was extremely busy she still found the time to support her surgical senior sisters and their areas. She performed outstandingly well during this difficult time and showed immense dedication and support to all of her colleagues.”

35. Amanda Morgan, healthcare assistant, surgical assessment unit, FPH
Nominated by a colleague, Amanda only joined SAU at the beginning of July. Shortly after, the unit was moved to F14, where the outside space, “although a welcome bonus", was looking tired. In her own time and using her own money Amanda transformed the space as she was determined to create somewhere for patients to enjoy at a time when they couldn’t see their families. “She has truly excelled when it comes to promoting the Trust values.”

36. Jaskirt Rehal, assistant housekeeper, WPH
“Jaskirt has gone beyond her role in housekeeping to ensure patients are happy and occupied,” said the colleague who nominated her. “When a male dementia patient became agitated, she gave them a small task to help settle him on the ward. When another patient pulled out their canula, she immediately assisted to help stop the bleeding. She has such a selfless and positive attitude.”

37. Dr Thomas Kirk and Dr Alexander Lee, medical SHOs, FPH
A colleague nominated the two doctors after attending a patient emergency on the endoscopy ward. “I’ve worked at Frimley Park Hospital for seven years, there are a lot of good doctors but these guys deserve praise for their performance. The emergency extended from the day shift to the night shift. Nursing that patient with these two doctors was inspiring seeing the level of care shown, ensuring the next of kin was not in distress despite the stressful situation and demonstrating great leadership capacity and advocating on patients’ best interests at all times.”

38. Emily Gilbert, practice development nurse, F1, FPH
“Nothing is ever too much trouble for Emily,” said the colleague who nominated her. “She goes out of her way to help and support and even comes in on her days off. She has supported both physically and mentally, she always spreads happiness with a smile on her face. She is a complete rock.”

39. Safiya Farman, play specialist, Ward 24, WPH
A colleague put in a nomination for Safiya. She said: “I've worked with children for eight years and never come across a play specialist as passionate as Safiya. I regularly observe the way she distracts children, her strategies are fantastic and she is exploding with new ideas! She is very professional to work with, and I couldn’t be more pleased to have a colleague as amazing as her.”

40. Nelson, portering supervisor, WPH
Nelson was a huge support to the colorectal team by helping the entire department to move and ensure it went smoothly. “He introduced himself prior to the move, helped throughout and then popped in after the move to check everything was in order. He went above and beyond and demonstrated all three of the Trust values."

41. Claire Cooke, senior sister, medical day unit, FPH
A colleague nomination for her unwavering ‘can do’ attitude. Pre-Covid, Claire ran a small team quietly providing an expanding service of infusions, CT biopsies and pleural clinics, all of this with five chairs and a daily negotiation for space to help patients who needed to recover. She has since expanded her team, set up a multi-disciplinary clinical governance and become IT/data aware. She just quietly gets on with it, all with a constant smile.”

42. Stella Kilpin, housekeeper, short stay surgery, FPH
Stella stands out for her attention to detail when cleaning, making sure the ward looks professional and presentable for all who visit. In the current climate, cleaning is of the utmost importance for the benefit of staff and patients on the clean unit. Her colleague said: “No job is too big or small, she will do anything to help us with the smooth running of the ward and a morning smile from Stella is such a bright start to the day.”

43. Sruthi Suresh, infection prevention sister, WPH
Nominated by a patient’s friend for being “Committed to Excellence”. “My friend was admitted with e-coli in the urine, which was infectious. This specialist nurse went to see him, helped him to understand the situation, gave him appropriate advice and made sure everything was in place to support his hospital stay. She educated the nurses in the ward about his care needs and really helped to console him.”

44. Heff Bozic, exercise practitioner, cystic fibrosis unit, FPH
Since April, Heff has changed the way he works to offer three or four daily online exercise classes and virtual 1:1 sessions to ensure his patients who are shielding due to Covid still exercise regularly. A colleague nominated him, saying: “We have received great feedback from the patients who are really enjoying the classes and say they’re engaging, fun and help them to reach their fitness goals. We are so grateful and proud to have Heff in our team.”

Do you know a member of the Frimley Health team who has gone above and beyond expectations to help you or a loved one? You can nominate them for a ViP Award.