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Frimley Health plans to launch its electronic inpatient management system, Hospital in my Pocket, early next year.

The project will enable clinical colleagues to access real-time information and update patient notes and observations while on the move on mobile devices when the system is rolled out across the Trust during the first three months of 2020.

We hope this initiative will lead to better outcomes and shorter stays in hospital for our patients.

Hospital in my Pocket is the forerunner of the electronic patient record the Trust will be implementing in the coming years. It will help staff to quickly identify deteriorating patients, sepsis and acute kidney injury (AKI) and will send alerts to key clinicians.

It will also speed up referrals, improve discharge planning, patient flow and handover.

Kevin Percival, the Trust’s chief nursing information officer, said: This will be a true ‘One Frimley Health’ system providing accurate, up to date information about patients across the organisation.

"With the early identification of deteriorating patients, or those at risk of sepsis or AKI, we will be able to intervene sooner and increase our chances of achieving better outcomes for those in our care.”

Hospital in my Pocket’ is just one of many transformation initiatives undertaken by our digital services team as part of the Trust’s strategic ambition to advance our digital capability.