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Friday 30 October 2020

Our Director of HR and Corporate Services Janet King provides the latest update on our ongoing Heatherwood Hospital redevelopment. 

A group of female staff involved in the Heatherwood projectI am delighted to say we are still on target to finish the build by the summer and you can really get a sense now of the exciting new space we will being working in when the new hospital is up and running.

We have been able to reinstate some limited tours of the site for staff, particularly for teams who will be working there and they have commented on the fact that you can now really see how the new building will operate.

Needless to say we are making sure the groups are limited in size to ensure social distancing guidelines are being followed. Of course, we aren’t able to give tours to everyone we would like to, but the Kier team continues to keep a film and photographic record of the work which we share via our social media channels – a “virtual” substitute to try and make up for the restrictions we are all having to live with at the moment.

In a positive step towards the development of the whole site, work on the “Lollipop” road started this month so you will soon be able to get some sense of how the whole site will work.

As we get closer to completion we are also starting work on identifying the furniture and equipment, like operating tables and patient trollies, we will need and have started work to identify suppliers for this.

But the new Heatherwood Hospital isn’t just about bricks and mortar, roads and equipment: it is about people and patients. We are looking at new ways of working and developing the best pathways for our patients to ensure they get the right treatment, in the right way at the right time. To help us with this we are talking to the clinical teams about extending the operating times so that we can provide more operations and treatments to meet the growing needs of our community. We will keep you updated about this as the work progresses.

Warm regards,

Janet King
Director of HR and Corporate Services


Build milestones

Winter 2020

Building made watertight

Alteration work begins on main roundabout

Summer 2021

Site handed over to Frimley Health from Kier

Start of commissioning of new build and decommissioning of old site

Winter 2021/22

Transfer of activity and equipment from old site to new building


Old site handed over to Taylor Wimpy for new build housing