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Frimley Park Hospital’s neonatal unit has been showcased by a national charity for the way it puts families at the centre of their baby’s care.

Staff and families on the unit are the focus of a new film by Bliss, the leading UK charity for babies born premature or sick.

Last year Frimley Park became only the third hospital in the UK to gain official Bliss Baby Charter accreditation for delivering high quality, family-centred care.

The charity says that putting families at the heart of their baby’s care is hugely beneficial, lowering an infant’s stress levels, improving long-term health outcomes, shortening hospital stays and reducing hospital readmissions. For parents, it helps promote bonding with their baby, and improves their confidence as a parent.

The Bliss team returned to Frimley Park with a film crew in February to interview staff about the accreditation process and speak to families about their care experiences.

In the film, Jennifer Lomas, senior clinical matron for paediatrics and neonates, says the accreditation process helped staff to “look at how we can help parents feel part of their baby’s care in every aspect while they are here with us on the unit”.

Parents discuss how unit staff help and encourage them to become more involved, from bathing and dressing their babies to feeding them and changing nappies.

The film also highlights family-centred facilities such as headphones to preserve confidentiality on ward rounds and reclining chairs to give mums more comfort.